• What To Expect At The Creditors Meeting For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    When you decide to finally file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your attorney will explain the process to you. This will help you know what to expect from your bankruptcy, but you may still have questions about it. One question a lot of filers have is what the creditors meeting is for. Here are three things you should know about this.  You only attend one meeting In most cases, filing for Chapter 7 requires only one meeting, which is called the creditors meeting.
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  • How Asset Protection Works In A Bankruptcy

    If you have to file for a bankruptcy, you don't have to worry about losing everything that you ever owned. While it is important for creditors to recoup the money owed them, it is not necessary for a debtor's life to be ruined in order to recoup losses. One way of protecting your belongings is to place belongings under protection.  How to Protect Assets Even debtors have rights and among these are the right to continue making a living after filing for bankruptcy.
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