• Will You Lose Your Home In Bankruptcy?

    For some people, the fear of losing their home prevents them from filing for bankruptcy. What they might not realize is that filing for bankruptcy does not necessarily mean that their homes will be lost. If you are considering bankruptcy and worried about losing your home, here is what you need to know.   Can the Homestead Exemption Save Your Home? In bankruptcy, exemptions are allowed to save some or all of your assets.
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  • Foreclosure And Divorce: Why You Need A Competent Attorney

    The process of divorce is extremely difficult; if you and your spouse own a home together that you can no longer afford, the difficulty is multiplied. Some couples opt to just let the house go back to the bank without fighting; they walk away from the mortgage to the detriment of their credit. This can ensure that you can't buy another home for at least seven years. It can also affect your ability to obtain other types of credit, and can even cost you the ability to keep your current job or find a new job.
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